What Is the Forum?

It’s an entirely new way to connect with colleagues

The Dealership Executive Forum is a whole new kind of event, designed specifically for the business leaders at  multi-location dealers. It’s two days to find new ideas, new connections, and source what you need for a successful dealer business. It’s a great use of your time, and if you qualify, you’ll attend at no cost: we’ll pay your airfare, hotel and meals. View the flyer here>>

Photo2We made this event just for you

The Forum is a unique and intimate event: We choose just 50 select dealership executives to join us for two action-packed days of peer-to-peer networking, learning and sourcing. It’s not a conference, not a show and not a “20 group.” But it does have the best of all of those.

In small group meetings, one-on-one dialogues and at dinners, events, even golf, you’ll add to what – and who – you know in the car business. You’ll find new ideas, new solutions and new ways to add profits to your business.

Our previous Forum attendees in other fields tell us they come for three reasons:
– To exchange ideas and learn from people who do what you do,
– To learn best practice in roundtables and from presenters,
– To source new products and services that can help grow their profits and their business.

You’ll do all this at the number one golf resort in Texas, as we extend our VIP treatment and feed you like a king. That’s why 96% of our delegates say they’d “absolutely return to the Forum.”

Our promise: We’ll never, ever waste your time.

Time is money, so be ready for an event where every minute is productive, yet nothing is ever pressured. Hundreds of our past delegates have described our Forums as “the best use of my time of any conference or show, ever!” and “much more useful than any event I’ve attended.”

No cost to you.

We cover 100% of your airfare, hotel and meals.If you’re an owner, dealer principal, dealer group executive or GM at a company with two or more dealerships, we’ll cover your airfare, deluxe 4-diamond hotel, meals and the conference. Not a penny to attend.

Our supplier sponsors, who sell relevant dealer products and services like facilities, aftermarket and software, make it possible for us to bring you here at no cost to you, in exchange for their chance to meet you. But don’t worry; there’s no obligation other than your attention, and never, ever any pressure. In fact, our participants say The Forum is more useful, more low-key, and far less intrusive than walking a trade show floor.